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Operations & Performance

Evaluating your business’ operations and performance, challenges you to grapple with important questions: Are you clear about the level of success you seek to achieve? Which results will you hold your organization accountable for? How do you marshal your team’s talent and the existing resources needed to deliver those results? Finally, what’s missing from our tool chest to get all of us rowing in the same direction?

We help you clarify your thinking to articulate your organization’s desired culture to bring about the results you seek.

How We Work With You to Define Operational Success & Performance Benchmarks

  • Culture Transformation Discussions Often Raise Difficult Questions: We help you answer those questions by tapping into your values and beliefs, listening closely to the needs of your team, and analyzing and disaggregating data to ensure desired outcomes. This process bolsters the strategic clarity needed to prioritize activities and make the most effective operational investments.
  • Apply Analytical Rigor: We gather and analyze relevant data so that you can make choices informed by qualitative and quantitative evidence.
  • Articulate Your Change and Impact Goals: We help you arrive at a consensus on your organization’s intended goals and articulate a plan for change.
  • Align Strategy and Implementation: We help you develop a plan to mobilize staff and resources to ensure that day-to-day operations focus on implementing strategic goals.

Discovery & Diagnosis

Since forming Copper Bottom in 2018, we’ve never lost sight of the fact that consulting is a people business. Our approach to discovering every way that we can help is rooted in the effectiveness of interviews with the people we’re trying to help.

Beyond interviews with key team members our discovery techniques typically fall under the following categories:

  • Review of existing business documents and processes
  • Quantitative analysis of information using permitted access
  • First-hand observations through informal stakeholder interviews
  • Semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders

The end result of most of our discoveries is often spreadsheets, raw data, and subjective perceptions. Copper Bottom is astute at synthesizing and summarizing these results into an actionable plan.

We use these four universal questions to ensure that we’re setting ourselves up for success

Unless the right questions are asked there is no way to understand the root cause of any business problem. Copper Bottom operates from both experience and curiosity to hone focus on getting clarity of what problems exist.

Are we asking the right questions?

Business is often uncertain, processes are not as well defined as they might seem, and execution is frequently difficult to track. The key here is to understand what the goals are before starting to gather the information. The more specific those goals are, the better the chance Copper Bottom has to gather the correct information.

Do we have the right information to answer what we need to know?

Discovery is about understanding how much information is enough information. While it might be reassuring to think Copper Bottom can gain an exhaustive understanding of the information available about a business problem, it’s not a realistic expectation. Why? Time. We’re often hired to solve a business's most critical challenges. While each of our engagements is different, they (usually) have one thing in common: A need for decisive, informed, and often urgent action. Time is the only asset that can never be won back, which is why we recognize the importance of delivering real value – with a sense of immediacy. The critical test for effective discovery is whether we have enough information to determine the root cause of a problem.

Can we reasonably say we have an accurate snapshot of business realities with the information we’ve collected?

It is fairly easy to determine the root cause when all the data points in the same direction, but that rarely happens. Most of the time, Copper Bottom wades through competing ideas and conflicting information before we reach an accurate conclusion. Fortunately, Copper Bottom has a sound method for determining which perspective is correct, better yet, we know how to manage differences in perceptions in a style that’s both validating and productive.

Do we have enough information to bring together contrasting perspectives?

Direction Defining

Realizing your organization's potential requires diving into the work that needs to be done. We work collaboratively with our clients to transform organizations using approaches that create buy-in for change while minimizing disruption.

When your whole organization is pointed with both feet in the same direction:

Resources are visibly aligned

Aligned resources better support capabilities that create a competitive advantage

Desired outcomes are accelerated

Improving speed and saving costs through operational improvements that drive efficiency and scale are benefits enabled by having a well-communicated North Star

Efficiency and Effectiveness are everpresent

Make faster and better decisions through clarified accountabilities, roles and processes

Growing pains are weakened

When you operate from a unified direction, you’re prepared for organic and inorganic growth and possess the ability to successfully integrate new people, technologies, or priorities into the business with minimized friction

As the saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you”, let Copper Bottom help you define where you want to go, recommend the best route to take, and as your partner support you mile after mile

Implementing & Embedding

Being a reliable, present, partner in your success is all we do. We are not a generic consulting business that has little interest in what happens to your business when we’re no longer involved. We work with obvious passion to ensure that what we recommend is implemented successfully and embedded in the fabric of the organization for sustainable success.

The “what” portion of our expertise is centered around business performance needs such as budgeting, financial reporting, operational analytics, profitability optimization and dashboards. How we deliver our expertise is by becoming an extension of your team and leading it to success by advising, guiding, and coaching. We do not dictate or demand, we demonstrate. Side by side, with you, toward success.

We know transformation has taken root when:

Engagement is obvious

You know your employees are engaged when they’re purposefully operating and behaving in ways that create value. They believe they’re contributing to something truly meaningful. They want to play their part and understand exactly how they can do that, which keeps everyone engaged.

Leadership is more engaged and more engaging

We coach and support leaders to be more engaged and more engaging. The old adage, lead by example fosters the behavior you’re looking for. Every day, employees are looking to their leaders for modeling. We work to help leaders engage with the team confidently, constructively, and consistently - with respect as a non-negotiable element.

Being a partner in your prosperity feels like an understatement

There is only one word that we want our clients to use to describe the experience with Copper Bottom - partner. In the truest sense of a high-performing partnership, a collaborative environment is what we create to ensure complete clarity and trust throughout the organizations that choose us to help them succeed. Copper Bottom’s goal is simple. Do a great job integrating and adapting to the client's unique needs while not being seen as a consultant, but as a member of the team.