For a small business, challenges to success and longevity can spring up from anywhere. If it’s a multi-generational family business, the challenge may arise from within the family. What worked before may not work now because times have changed — or conflicting visions for the future may be causing division.

But understanding what ties a small business together is critical to helping it find its direction and succeed. Directional challenges often have a common thread, and everything falls into place when you weave it back into the tapestry. Family harmony is restored, and the business stops pulling itself apart at the seams.

The team at Copper Bottom is well-versed in navigating these waters and helping family-owned businesses sail their way back to success. We’ve been at the forefront of the effort to systematically understand and help owner-led businesses (including family businesses) for almost ten years.

From our origin in 2018 to our experiences supporting those who hung up their own shingles in pursuit of their dreams, Copper Bottom knows, admires, and is determined to help passionate entrepreneurs just like you. We work with clients to locate and amplify the will and the skill to make choices that propel them toward their chosen futures. Our dream is to help keep your dreams alive – so let’s get started!