True business transformation is more than just a nice strategy presentation; it requires all teams and functions across the organization to work together toward a common goal to be fully realized.

For the clients struggling to identify operating areas that need improvement, we use a series of assessments to dive even deeper. We evaluate strategy roadblocks, teach you how to eliminate them, and install an improved business and operating model that includes a strategy for success in the coming year and beyond.

Many consulting firms fall short when it comes time to implement the strategies they devise. Copper Bottom gets into the trenches with you, working in tandem and taking a holistic approach to transforming the nuts and bolts of your organization, helping you reach your goals by leveraging every team member.

We streamline processes to eliminate waste and inefficiency which reduces both cost and complexity. Working as your partner we implement quality initiatives that allow the accomplishment of goals to happen more quickly.


Employee Engagement

Creating a tailored, focused plan for the future requires engaging every member of your business today.
The complex nature of executing a strategy to its fullest potential takes intentional long-range planning. Making the decision to partner with Copper Bottom has proven itself to benefit companies that dedicate resources to creating strategies that provide detailed employee engagement activities to meet their long-term goals.

That's why, as your partner, Copper Bottom creates a plan tailored for your business with four objectives in mind

  • Formalizing your business vision and long-term ambition
  • Outline the full spectrum of scenarios that may take place
  • Define a set of assumptions and review the impact of changes
  • Align employees around the company’s long-term ambition, defining operational activities, objectives, and key results (OKRs) to support the goals

Goal Achievement

Many companies that we meet set high-level organizational goals at the beginning of the year, and by the end of the next month, they’re forgotten. This leads to muddy visibility for leaders to measure and track their employees’ progress and goal achievement. The leadership has a hard time understanding which teams or individuals are achieving, overachieving, or underachieving. It becomes difficult to align different teams and individuals and cascade goals to the company-level goals, so people feel disconnected from the bottom up. There is little clarity among workers about how their actions connect to what matters to the organization. It’s also hard to build a measurable, predictable, and repeatable business model when working this way.

If you're reading this and find yourself in this very limiting cycle of progress, we can help.

Copper Bottom will show you how to adopt the OKR goal-setting methodology, and OKR tracking techniques to keep your goals aligned. Goals will become visible to everyone in real-time so that people can connect their work to the company’s goals.

We follow these principles to help you achieve your goals:

Our Advice Must Be Actionable

Our priority is practical advice you can use with a sense of immediacy. We prioritize focusing on solutions that immediately benefit your business. Why wait for success?


The Answer is Never One Size Fits All

What’s right for your business must be unique to your circumstances. Adapting proven techniques and folding in innovation to solve your particular challenges is a strength.


Partnership Means Working With You

We believe working with you means being in the same room. We like to be face to face, in your office, at a nearby coffee shop, or through the magic of webcams, we can be with you whenever you need us.


Everything We Do Must Add Value

The consultant space is full of people that don’t have your best interest in mind. It’s easy to do something for the sake of it or because everyone else is doing it. If we can’t see how, it adds value to your business, we’ll tell you.


Measuring Impact

Measuring impact can help create systemic, sustainable change while driving value creation for your organization.

We know that measuring anything within the businesses we work with can feel complex, any analysis paralysis to the point of doing nothing isn’t necessary. Copper Bottom knows what to measure and how to measure it. We start small. You don’t need to measure everything across your entire business. As your partner, working with you, we identify a few big rocks that need to be moved and start there. Once your team has gained experience and we’ve given you the right tools to work with, we expand measurement into other areas of your operations. Copper Bottom measures impact at three levels:

Impact on Business Goals

Sustained improvement in profitable growth, customer retention and acquisition

Impact on Team Performance

Improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of people, teams, and organizations toward identified company-wide goals

Impact on Drivers of Capability

The effective delivery of capability-building initiatives spanning organization, processes, people, culture, and skills development